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McGrath Enterprise SEO Search Engine Optimization Division is one arm of the McGrath Enterprise SEO business model. We are an elite search engine marketing company specializing in gaining high placements on page 1 of the organic search engine results returned by Google.

Even though we are a European run company much of our work is carried out on a global scale with our highly qualified and professionally trained staff located in various parts of the world. Although we have staff members from diverse backgrounds with varied skills in different aspects of Internet Marketing we always try to keep working teams together and therefore all our SEO Division teams, that deal with client sites, are located in the Philippines and consist of 100% fluent English speakers.

Our staff are too numerous to name all of them here so we have included a short bio of the main players within the SEO Division.

C.E.O - Michael McGrath

This is Michael when he started his internet marketing career back in 2005 with just one small individual affiliate marketing campaign. He struggled with the internet marketing world for a few years due to long working hours, 10 hour shifts in a factory, and because he also forced himself to study part-time for a computer based university degree.

But finally, after a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, Michael cracked the web's code and starting to make money online.

By 2007 Michael had built several successful affiliate sites, generating multiple revenue streams, and was making substantial money online.

Since then his small affiliate ventures have blossomed into a professionally recognised company and the lessons learned along the way have lead to the development of a fool-proof SEO system for gaining high rankings in Google.

In early 2011 Michael's personal success spawned a new Division of his online work in the form of McGrath Enterprise SEO, a corporate entity in its own right separate from Michael's other online activities and dedicated to helping other businesses attain the success and recognition Michael fought so hard to achieve by himself.

Michael and his team ensure the company ethos, commitment to excellence and drive to be the number 1 SEO Company in world does not diminish regardless of the successes they achieve.

"We are never complacent nor are we ever satisfied – being good is not enough, being great is better, but being the best is the only spot we want to occupy", Michael McGrath.

Section Managers

Section Managers are responsible for the operational procedures within an entire Section of the Company. A Section consists of 3 fully staffed dedicated SEO teams.

Each team has a group of SEO specialists, a Web designer and a content creator.

Since incorporating Section Managers into the SEO process they have become an integral part of the managerial team and add, not just commitment and excellence to the work carried out for our clients but also offer, value and innovation to our ever-evolving SEO processes.

Along with the C.E.O. and other members of upper management Section Managers are heavily responsible for ensuring we keep up-to-date with Google algorithm changes and implement necessary alterations to our own SEO process to compensate for those changes.

This ongoing and dedicated work ethic allows us to stay at the very top of our industry and thus guarantee our clients page 1 Google rankings in any market or niche.

It is our Section Managers that ensure all client accounts under their supervision get the full commitment of their individual teams and thus experience the results and rankings that they are paying for. There is no compromise on this!

Many of our Section Managers started in the Company as SEO Specialists.

SEO specialists are responsible for on-page optimization (preparing a site for high rankings) and off-page optimization (link building, building a solid social media presence, branding etc.). This highly specialised work gives this section of our workforce a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of Search Engine Optimization and a substantial working knowledge of advanced search engine optimization techniques.

Due to the complexity of the work, not to mention the necessity for pinpoint accuracy and the dedication required to perform these duties efficiently, it doesn't take long for us to notice potential and ability for rapid career growth within the ranks of our SEO Specialists.

The next obvious step in career advancement within McGrath Enterprise SEO for a team member who shows outstanding commitment and promise is in the role of Team Leader. On most occasions it is from the ranks of the Team Leaders that we recruit our Section Managers.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders are responsible for the day-to-day working operations of SEO teams and ensure that the work those teams carry out is of the highest quality. Team Leaders are chosen for their drive, enthusiasm and personal commitment. They must demonstrate this on company projects well before they are ever allowed to work on our client projects.

This means you can be assured that any team allocated to work on your project performs to its best and produces the exact results that you want which will be agreed upon before work commences.

Team Leaders are responsible for the monitoring of daily team duties thus ensuring your site is getting the maximum exposure it deserves.

A Team Leader will ensure that your dedicated team are working professionally to gain the rankings that you have requested in the fastest possible time while also being careful to build your site's off-page link portfolio in a manner that means long-term rankings and not just a temporary boost in the SERPs (search engine results placements).

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